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Headway Huddersfield and District Celebrates Small Charity Week 2024: Fostering Resilient Charities for Stronger Communities

This Small Charity Week, Headway Huddersfield and District proudly joins the annual celebration which recognises the vital and valuable contributions small charities make to communities across the UK.

Small Charity Week celebrates and raises awareness of the essential work of the UK’s small charity sector, which makes an invaluable contribution to the lives of millions of individuals, communities, and causes across the UK and the rest of the world.

In Calderdale and Kirklees, small charities like ours play a significant role in supporting brain injury survivors, their familes and carers. Headway Huddersfield and District provide help on various topics such as completing forms and provide therapies including yoga, mindfulness and well-being.   Brain Injury survivors often find themselves socially isolated. We offer indoor / outdoor activities and outings to cater for the needs of all our members. 

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